A special thanks to all of the club members that braved the mid-afternoon weather to come to this event! Mother Nature decided that the evening would be beautiful, and we were all appreciative! Thanks to MCW, we had our own private gazebo later in the evening. Sandwiches and cheese platters were ordered. And everyone had a chance to do wine & craft beer tastings – and purchase the winery’s amazing selection of Iowa fare. It was great to see so many faces there – we estimated that 35 people attended. What a great turnout! Here are some photos from the evening, compliments of Brent Isenberger.

Isenphoto_105 Isenphoto_106 Isenphoto_107 Isenphoto_109 Isenphoto_115 Isenphoto_117 Isenphoto_124 Isenphoto_126 Isenphoto_129 Isenphoto_131 Isenphoto_134 Isenphoto_137 Isenphoto_144


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